Risale-i Nur in The Lima Book Fair

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Amira Amine
Bismilahi ar rahmani rahim
Risale-i Nur in The Lima Book Fair International:

Every year, between the months of July and August, an important event takes places in Lima-Peru, "The Lima Book Fair International” which is organized by The Peruvian Chamber of Book, a trade and cultural association of private law and nonprofit, founded 11th July 1946. This institution encloses publishing companies, university presses, book distributors, research institutes and others. Its purposes are basically the access to culture and encourage reading; it also features the participation of many international organizations and embassies.
As every year this fair is attended by a large number of people because of its important work of diffusion. This year we could found a particular stand in the fair, it was peculiar because it was about a completely different culture from here, I am talking about the Turkish Cultural Center’s stand. The Turkish Cultural Center promoted the diffusion and outreach of the Turkish culture, through its books about religion, culture, history, cook, documentaries, music and products, among others. But, actually, what made this year more special than others was the presence of RISALE-I NUR.
Risale-i Nur arrived to Peru few months ago. A lot of people supported the diffusion of the collection in Peru as well as in other countries and Alhamdulillah because is Allah who open all the doors and this year he wanted Risale-I Nur to be known by all being in the fair. And so through Turkish brothers who live in Lima and work for the Cultural Center, and brothers who are Risale-I Nur’s students in Argentina and Peru, we had been able to spread the books translated into Spanish.
I would like to tell you now about the people’s impression about Risale-i Nur in the fair. At first, I was in charge of diffusion and printing of posters, brochures and some phrases of Said Nursi and also to share our Facebook fan page and website in order to encourage people to visit them, read, know more about Quran and look for more information. We also put beautiful posters about some phrases and landscapes from Turkey, which were made by a brother from Argentina. When I was in the fair I had the opportunity to talk to many people and explain what Risale-I Nur does and what the collection is about, some people praised them and other got more interested about it and bought them. During my conversations I figured out that many people don’t know anything about Islam and others have a really bad definition of it, sometime very usual here, but when they saw us as Muslims, doing the same activities than they do and when they discovered that we are normal an pacific people their concepts and prejudices about Islam changed a bit. There are so many people who knew a little about Islam and they also wanted to know more but they hadn’t found a way before, they had never seen a door to the knowledge. To give an example, I remember that lots of people asked us about Ramadan, a lady asked "are you in Ramadan, aren’t you?” and a Turkish brother answered with a smile "yes, of course, I fasted today”, they obviously got surprised, but at the same time people started to get interested in Ramadan and Islam.
Some people were amazed at the messages and valuable content of Risale-I Nur books because they can help to anybody even if the reader is not Muslim. There are books about faith in Allah, for example, books that teach you how to be a better person, how to be thankful for all the things we have because everything is given by Allah, even the books tell you to praise God when we are sick and to remember that when we don’t have anything is when we appreciate more everything, even the little things around us. The Risale-I Nur collection also recommend us to get closer with our creator, to accept that there is only one God, Allah. I remember that I explained it and tell to a lady "There is no god but Allah”, "Allah have not any partner”, la ilaha illa Allah. There were many people who left the fair with the message of appreciating spiritual life more and not giving ourselves to the mundane life because everything we do in this life is an investment for the hereafter.
A doubt that many people had and asked us was about Jesus (aleyhi salam), we told them that we love him and respect him as well because he is a prophet, also they asked me about our loved prophet Muhammad, sallalahu aleyhi wa salam. In general, people were very interesting in all the topics we talked about and also the wanted to buy books about these topics and most of them were very surprised to watch me wearing hijab, but they accepted it and were very kind. It was an amazing experience for me to explain people a bit about my religion, my beautiful Islam. As a Peruvian reverted, I perfectly understand people in my country, their thought and fear because everyone here was brought up as a catholic, it is a cultural fact, that’s why I can understand people and explain easily some topics to them; Alhamdulillah I had the opportunity to do it, even if it was for a short period of time. I hope some of the people there had opened their hearts and convince themselves to get closer to Allah, insha’Allah.

Lima, August 5th, 2012

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