Red Crescent distributes humanitarian aid to Muslims in Arakan
Turkish Red Crescent distributed humanitarian aid to Muslims in Arakan.


Turkish Red Crescent distributed humanitarian aid to Muslims in Arakan region of Myanmar during the Feast of Sacrifice within the scope of the campaign launched by Turkish Prime Ministry.
Red Crescent distributed tons of foodstuffs, stationery, clothing and toys to Muslims in Arakan region. The aid was given to more than 11,000 families there.
Turkish Prime Ministry launched the campaign for Muslims in Arakan in August 2012. The Prime Ministry Disaster & Emergency Management Directorate (AFAD) has said that so far they have collected 93.6 million Turkish Liras (TL) in their aid campaign for Muslims there. (One USD equals 1.79 TL)

Turkish red crescent offers food aid for 1500 Syrians every day

Every day the Turkish Red Crescent Aid Society team distributes 1500 people capacity food aid at tent cities where Syrians stay near the Turkish border.

According to AA's received information that Syrians who flee from the violent attacks in their country, stay near Turkish borders and stay in tents set up by themselves.
Turkish Red Crescent helps Syrians near Hatay and distribute and assist them with flour, sugar, nappies, infant food and medicine.
According to received information from Turkish Red Crescent that daily 1500 food aid enough for 1500 reaches out to Syrians who stay near the border.

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