Race between Obama and Romney still too close
With only a day to go before US presidential election, it looks as the tie between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney will not break until the very last moment.

Latest polls show Obama and Romney have failed to reach undecided voters in battleground states with CNN/ORC estimate puts them at an equal support rate of 49 percent.
The CNN poll shows that women still back Obama with a 53 percent support rate, while only 44 percent of male voters would pick the Democratic contender over the Republican one.
Romney is more popular among white voters with a 57 percent support to Obama's 40 percent, while Obama leads by 56 percent among voters who earn below $50 thousand a year as opposed to Romney's 40 percent.
Backbone of Obama's electoral support comes mostly from Northeast, Midwest and urban areas as Romney is more popular in the South, West, suburbs and countryside.
The CNN poll suggests that economy will be the key decider in the final calls but 57 percent of the participants estimated that Obama will emerge the victor from the battle as opposed to 36 percent for Romney.
Last Modified: 2012-11-05 11:30:02
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