Protestors set ISIL flag ablaze in Kabul
Demonstrators also shouted slogans against NATO and US presence in Afghanistan and called it an occupation

An angry crowd in Kabul protested on Sunday against what they called the occupation of Afghanistan by U.S. and NATO forces.

They also set ablaze the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant’s flag and glorified Kurdish female resistance fighters.

Police cordoned off roads leading to the protest in order to provide security for over 200 demonstrators, comprised mostly of young men and women.

The protest was organized by the Solidarity Party of Afghanistan. They marched a few hundred meters towards the Maiwand Monument, a national symbol of anti-colonialism, in the capital Kabul.

Demonstrators held placards and photos of ISIL's victims while shouting slogans against ISIL and accused certain countries -- namely Saudi Arabia, the United States, Qatar and Turkey -- for supporting the terrorist group.

A young girl, around 20 years old, held a placard and shouted "Kobani is not alone.”

Afghans, who have been struggling to fight extremism in their country, fear the spread of ISIL within Afghanistan.

Demonstrators also shouted slogans against the NATO and US presence in Afghanistan and called it an occupation.

One placard accused NATO and the US of supporting extremism in Kabul and Kobani.

Demonstrators, after burning ISIL's black flag, ended their protest by reading a statement.

Among other things, the statement harshly condemned the bilateral security agreement between the US and Afghanistan as a document which "sold our motherland to invaders."

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