Political "truce" between Obama and Romney ends
Because of the Sandy Hurricane, U.S. President Barack Obama and Republican Party's presidential nominee Mitt Romney had a few quite days in the field of electoral campaigns.

Obama and Romney have been playing their last cards in the critic states where they still carry on with public demonstrations.
In the last days of their campaigns, both candidates target "swing states" where will predestine the elections.
Both Obama and Romney's latest messages are based on "changes" and public's attention has drawn to that who will be achieving the real "changes".
Obama who had to cancel part of his tour because of Sandy Hurricane is trying to recover now. He has visited the states of Wisconsin, Nevada, Colorado and Ohio in a day and highlighted his statement with "changes".
Furthermore, Romney's front had a last minute push for Pennsylvania where has been foreseen as an ease past state for Obama.
Republican Party spent USD3 million on an advertising in Pennsylvania and their message on their ad expresses that when Obama came into power 4 years ago, he promised them to recover the economy however he failed.
On the other hand, Obama received Sandy as an "October Surprise" which has been a support for him.
Former Republican, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg backed President Barack Obama over Republican Mitt Romney and stated that his opinion has changed after Sandy Hurricane which devastated his city and now he said he believes that Obama will be a better name to fight climate change.
Bloomberg's endorsement has importance as previously he remained distant to both names

Reporting by Mehmet Toroglu/Bariskan Unal

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