Ottoman keyboard attracts great interest
A Quran printing company in Turkey has produced an Ottoman Turkish keyboard which is attracting great interest, the company’s chief executive said.

The language has seen a marked increase of interest in the recent years, and it will soon become a required course for high school students.

The chief executive of the Ar-Ge Quran printing company, Ali Yildiz, told The Anadolu Agency that the company decided last year to produce at least four thousand keyboards with Ottoman Turkish characters.

According to Yildiz, thousands of people are now taking Ottoman Turkish language courses.

"The only difference between the languages is that the Ottoman Turkish language uses the Quran alphabet instead of the Latin,” Yildiz told the AA.

The company’s chief executive said that, in 2006, the company had queried the Turkish Standards Institute on how such a keyboard should look, and followed the institute's direction.

The keyboard is easy to use, and has Ottoman Turkish letters next to the equivalent Latin letter,” Yildiz said. The company has obtained a patent for the device, and sells the keyboard with a setup CD.

Sales are expected to increase after a new Turkish regulation makes learning the Ottoman Turkish language a required course in high schools.


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