OIC's Istanbul summit ends
The 13th Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) summit in Istanbul ended on Friday with the adoption of a joint resolution on Palestine, the organization’s 2016-2025 action plan and an ‘Istanbul Declaration’.

"Decisions that we have taken in Istanbul give hope to billions of people,” President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in a closing speech.

Commenting on the Palestinian resolution, Erdogan vowed that the Islamic world would never leave the Palestinian people isolated.

Erdogan also said the action plan is "an important step,” but stressed that it is vital that the action would be implemented.

This is the first time Turkey hosted the two-day summit since the body’s inception in 1969.

Turkey took over the organization’s chair from Egypt for the next two years.

The summit hoped to increase unity and solidarity between Muslim countries in the fight against terrorism.

During the high-level meeting, Muslim leaders discussed the situation in Syria, Yemen, Palestine, Iraq, and Azerbaijan.

Founded in 1969, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation consists of 57 member states and represents the collective voice of the Islamic world.

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