New Greek government comfortably wins confidence vote
A total of 299 out of 300 deputies participate in vote.

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras won a vote of confidence with 162 deputies voting in favor of the new government and 137 voting against, Parliament President Zoi Konstantopoulou announced in the early hours of Wednesday.

A total of 299 out of 300 deputies took part in the vote. Golden Dawn party leader Nikos Michaloliakos was absent.

All 137 deputies in the opposition New Democracy, Golden Dawn, Potami, Communist Party of Greece and PASOK voted against the government’s policy statements.

Discussions started Sunday with the opening speech of Tsipras, who spoke about the government's plan for the next four years.

"We have a realistic plan, we have a negotiating strategy and, above all, we have no other commitments beyond serving the nation's interests," Tsipras said in parliament.

The prime minister highlighted the government's decision to honor and fulfill all its pre-election promises.

"This commitment is the non-negotiable core of our policy," he said. "It is a matter of honor, credibility and respect for democracy."

His speech also covered the bridging program that Greece has asked for while it negotiates a new agreement on its debt and the terms of its repayment.

"We categorically state that we will not negotiate our history, our pride and the dignity of this people," he said. "I call on you to give a vote of confidence, for us to wage this battle for our country and win back the hope and lost dignity of the Greek people."

The debate ended late Tuesday night with the focus being on the new ministers who presented their programs and priorities.


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