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Mustafa Geçer
Muslim is responsible to lead a sensitive life aware of all.

A Muslim, insensible to events that take place around him, insensitive, unaware, nonreactive to plights, predicaments, incidents, can’t be a conscious Muslim. The faith, the Mohammadanism of an unconscious Muslim is imperiled all the time. A muslim must live Islam, conscious and aware of all.

We must live the moment wittedly …
The time is a fortune that can not be renewed. Every moment that is lived, falls off from the life span. No matter how we live, time elapses without a halt. And every moment that we live, gets us closer to the end of our lives. We can’t rewind it to relive. Ever human being must evaluate that time limit which is called life. It is the biggest waste, the time elapsed without service to neither ourselves nor to the entourage. And prodigality is illicit!
We have to dully schedule the time and make use of it. We must plan to live every moment with goodness and virtue. We must finely manage the time.

Time, besides being a relative occurrence, is sworn on by our Lord, it is obligatory for most of our prayers. It must be understood well, the wisdom on Allah’s (cc) obligation of time despite He is independent of it. The reason for our Lord to pay attention to it, is for us to develop the time consciousness and do all without wasting the time. Salaat, fast, the Pause must be performed on time... The prayer not performed on time accepted. Besides being obliged to perform all the prayers on time we must also do all, timely. Negligence, delay, postponement of the business are not licit. Unfortunately, time waste is the most frequent dissipation we make.

We must act in an exact manner of Muslim tenderness and awareness.
Negative humors and habits are increasing among Muslims, such as indifference, unresponsiveness, terrenity. Day by day, muslim type is increasing who serves his own purpose, insensible-unreactive to events. The difference between the Islam we believe and we live, is deepening. When the real Muslim in actions is decreasing, the Muslim who all talks but no action is increasing. It is very difficult for a non-muslim to convert into Islam through perspecting us.

Because of those, we must be aware of all, clean our act up, bring the Islam we believe into conformity with what we live. Our primary source for reference on our acts and reactions against incidents and ideas must be Islamic beliefs and measures. Unfortunately traditional and racist preferences are effective with most of modern-day Muslims. This is a very big problem.

We must know what we eat.
We can’t eat everything offered to us, everything that is sold. We can’t make our children eat. It is necessary for us to investigate if it is in accordance with Halal, Haram rules. We can’t eat at everywhere every restaurant. We must be choosier. Illicit and improper nutrition is being sold on the market such as the ones with GMO, with hormone and horse, donkey, pig meat. In most of the supermarkets, every kind of alcoholic drinks are served in shelves next to shelves of halal products. We mustn’t shop from these kinds of shopping malls.

We can’t buy and drink every beverage.
We can’t buy and wear every clothing.
We can’t buy everything we need from anywhere.
We can’t go everywhere. We can’t reside everywhere. W can’t have our holidays everywhere.
We can’t work everywhere.
We mustn’t watch all the films, every television channel, listen to all the radios.
We can’t be friends with those who have bad character, unless they put their life and affairs in order.
For instance, while buying meat from a butcher, it must concern us how it is cut and what it is made of, before we bought we must investigate. Do we know how animals being cut in slaughter houses?

Jews, get a rabbi to stay in slaughter houses and have these animals cut in accordance with their beliefs, otherwise they don’t consume that meat buying from any butcher even they go hungry. De we show this sensivity? Where, how, who cut the meat, the chicken we bought, does it accord to our belief? It is a far cry… We buy and eat immediately just in case it is cheap. We hear that some butchers have sold horse, donkey, pig meat after we ate them. There are many that we didn’t happen to hear.

Investigate every little thing, do everything in accordance with what we believe, if we are Muslim we must refer to Islam, in all our actions, behaviors, relations. We are obliged to use Quran and our Prophet lord as a source and as an example.
We mustn’t shop from those which don’t show respect to Muslim and his beliefs. We mustn’t buy their products –even they are clear- unless we are in urgent need. We mustn’t shop from those places where illicit drink and food is being sold.

We mustn’t shop from big supermarkets and shopping malls which didn’t even construct a small prayer room on their thousands of square meters big offices! At least we must demand him to build a prayer room to his office. There are request boxes in big workplaces, we must put letters stating our requests complaints into them.
We must pay attention to coach companies we are travelling with if they stop off in accordance with prayer times, if there are prayer rooms in those stopovers, if not, we mustn’t travel by their buses again, and inform the case to company’s authorized people.
On one of TV5’s programs, we made a study if there were prayer rooms: We revealed that most of them didn’t have one, interviewed with their officials, invited to television program. They didn’t accept the invitation for a variety of excuses. A few official attending to the program by telephone told: "We didn’t take any complaint or request from the customers”. They also stated that in case of request they would open. This case became a current issue on some press organs after the program. Thereupon, some shopping malls opened prayer rooms.
Once, it was the midday in a big shopping mall, where we took a talk. We asked if there was a prayer room in the store. "No!” they said. When we asked why, the officials told: "It has been five years since this mall is opened and you are the first to ask it.” We wrote and put our demand into the request box of the store. I don’t know how it is ended up, I didn’t come back. But let me put it this way, in my opinion, if thousands of Muslims shopping from there, put a thousand letters inside the request box, these officials would recognize that demand and fulfill it at once. Because they knew they would lose their customers unless they fulfill the demand.
Those media organs in which revilements to Islamic beliefs took place were sent a mail, message, letter to abandon the wrong and they reach up to hundred thousands, these publications would never take place. Let’s remember what happened to Mehmet Ali Erbil after he insulted alawites… Because alawite citizens reacted him, the channel owner invalided out Mehmet Ali Erbil.
It is not hard react, to warn officials who act against Islam. At least Muslims must show this sensibility.
To live the moment conscious, aware of all, encouraging good behaviors , warning and cursing bad behaviors and affairs are some of the things that a muslim can easily do without excuse. These examples we gave are just some of the demands and acts we can do within the measures set to Muslims which can be done in accordance with the laws of modern day. As long as we rest insensitive and incapable of performing the efforts achievable within the limits, no one will increase Muslims’ area of freedom further they will look for a way to narrow it.
We Muslims, who didn’t bother and struggle to effort this much, will have no right to complain of what happened.
Wish and hope we be Muslims sensitive and working for what is necessary.

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