Large-scale operation continues as PKK kills two soldiers in Hakkari
A large-scale operation launched by the Turkish military in the country's Southeast continued on Monday after a clash with the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) which claimed the lives of two soldiers and wounded 10 others in the Şemdinli district of Hakkari on Sunday.

The security forces launched the large-scale operation in the area last week when PKK terrorists blocked the road of a village in the region and interrogated villagers. Troops from neighboring battalions were dispatched to the region.

The security forces opened fire from land and air at PKK targets in the rural parts of Yiğitler village in Şemdinli and in the Goman Mountains.

Cobra and Sikorsky helicopters were also used in the operation.

A statement released by the Hakkari Governor's Office on Monday noted that the injured soldiers were taken to a hospital in neighboring Van province, and the slain soldiers were identified as Enes Yücel and Yasin Bayraktar. The bodies of the soldiers were sent to their hometowns after a military funeral in Van on Monday.

Furthermore, two female members of the PKK surrendered to gendarmerie forces at the Kulp Gendarmerie Command post in Diyarbakır province also on Sunday. The two gave themselves up after security units held talks with their families to get them to convince their daughters to leave the terrorist organization.

The PKK, which is fighting for autonomy in Turkey's mainly Kurdish Southeast, was founded on Marxist ideology. The conflict has claimed tens of thousands of lives. The group is labeled a terrorist organization by the European Union and the United States, which has supplied Predator drones to assist Turkey in fighting the group.

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