It is easy to learn french language with Aykut Yavuz


Nowadays, when everything is getting easier but also complicated, the first steps are very important when we begin to learn. We want to announce you a good method for learning french in Youtube.

Mr Aykut Yavuz, a former lecturer who was born in France started his service by opening a YouTube channel called "Aykut Yavuz Fransizca Dersleri ‘’ especially for the Turkish people who want to learn French, his channel begun to get many followers from all over the world and he stated that in the future his lessons will be in english version too.

On the other hand, Aykut Yavuz, who is a native French speaker increased his experience by giving French lessons to all levels as a university lecturer after completing his education in French. Especially by explaining the issues that Turkish students have difficulty to understand some grammar rules or forms he has given the opportunity to learn french with a simple and understandable method. Aykut Yavuz thinks that is too easy to make some things more complicated but what is the most important thing is to transfer the maximum knowledge with a simple and pedagogic method.

In addition, Aykut Yavuz, who made statements to; Stating that the lessons will continue from the Beginner level (A1A2) to the advanced level and there are also videos containing advises for those who want to learn. Aykut Yavuz said, ," My aim is for the benefit of people and this work is for people who do not have a good financial situation to pay their courses but want to learn this language or who who do not have time to go to a course, people who want to invest in themselves for their career, anyone who wants to learn a new language, those who want to go abroad and look for new job opportunities, and in short, everyone who wants to learn a new language.

Aykut Yavuz’s Youtube channel caught so many people's attention and is followed from many countries of the world and the number of followers continues to increase day by day. It continues to gain appreciation thanks to its free lessons, simple and instructive method. We wanted to announce this nice service here for those who are interested. Aykut Yavuz has also a web page where he gives some methods for people who want to learn a Foreign Language:

On the other hand, Aykut Yavuz, who said that he is currently working in International Trade and studying Law wanted to share his knowledge by opening the youtube channel "Aykut Yavuz Fransizca Dersleri ", told the story of the lessons to; "There is a sad story behind these lessons and it’s the reason that drove me to do them on my Youtube Channel : " When I was student at University I was giving french private lessons to a little girl, she was fond of french language but after a few weeks I had to stop the courses because her mother said that she was very tired. Their financial situation was bad and I did not accept any payment from them. Three weeks later, her mother said that her daughter was died of cancer. My lessons were left unfinished and I wanted to do something that day and find a solution for people who want to learn french for free and watch as much as they want . ”

We wanted to put the link of the Youtube Channel :

Channel name : Aykut Yavuz French lessons ( in Turkish : Aykut Yavuz Fransızca Dersleri )


Ders 2 ( Lesson 2) : La Rencontre


Ders 3: (Lesson 3) : Le Shopping

Ders 3 : ( Lesson 60 ) : Le conditionnel ( B1 level)

Video about How can I learn ( Nasıl çalışmalıyım videosu ):


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