Indonesia: Crowds await election challenge verdict
Clashes break out, teargas fired as court decides on suit filed by losing presidential candidate challenging result.

Clashes between police and protesters have broken out as crowds gathered outside of a Jakarta courthouse awaiting a ruling on a lawsuit that challenges Joko "Jokowi" Widodo's win in the 2014 presidential election.

Local TV reported Thursday that police had fired tear gas to stop supporters of losing candidate ex-general Prabowo Subianto getting past barbed wire that was blocking a road to the courthouse.

According to the Metro TV report, two people were injured after being beaten by officers, and a journalist was also was wounded.‬

The suit - filed by Subianto - claims Jokowi's win was "legally invalid" because it was obtained "unlawfully" or through "abuse of authority" by the country's election commission.

Constitutional Court Secretary-General Janedjri M. Gaffar earlier reminded all parties to respect its ruling, which is set to be announced later in the afternoon.

Gaffar said the court's decision would be "final and binding."

"After the ruling is read out, it takes effect immediately," Janedjri said, according to the Jakarta Post.

He added that no party would be able to file an appeal against the ruling, even if they tried to challenge it through the capital's State Administrative Court.

Subianto's camp had previously said that the ruling would not end his efforts to vindicate himself.

Court documents from Subianto's team submitted on the first day of the hearing had questioned the validity of 2.7 million votes. They have issued their version of the results that put Jokowi on 66.44 million votes, or 49.74 percent, and claimed that Subianto was victorious with more than 67.14 million, or 50.25 percent.

The General Elections Commission announced July 9 that Jokowi had 70.99 million votes or 53.15 percent, and Subianto had 62.57 million votes or 46.85 percent.Subianto's lawyer argued that poll officials -- themselves -- had inflated Jokowi's results.

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