Hundreds of Yazidis killed by ISIL, says Iraqi MP
Yazidi lawmaker Dahel says ISIL militants have abducted 500 women in the town of Sinjar and made them slave concubines

As many as 500 people from Iraq's Yazidi religiousminority have been killedby the terrorist group Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant– ISIL – in the town of Sinjar since Sunday, a Yazidi lawmaker has claimed.

"ISIL has killed 500 Yazidis and abducted 500 women as slave concubines in Sinjar," Iraqi MP Fayyan Dahel told a press conference Tuesdayin the parliament in Baghdad.

He said the enslaved women had been taken to some areas near the city of Tel Afar, which is also under ISIL control.

The ISIL-ledmilitants seized control of the town of Sinjar near the city of Mosul on Sunday after fierce clashes, which saw Kurdish Peshmerga forces withdraw from the region they had protected since insurgents overran Mosul and surrounding localities in June.

Sinjar is the traditionalhome of the Yazidi, an eclectic religious sect fusingZoroastrian, Manichaean, Jewish, Nestorian Christian and Islamic elements. It isregarded as heretical by orthodox Islamic scholars.

"The Yazidi religion is currently being wiped out at the hands of ISIL," Daheel said, warning against a possiblegenocide.

He said around 100 people had lost their lives out of the30,000 Yazidis whohad fled for shelter followingthe advance ofISIL.

Tension continued to remain high in Iraq after the ISIL-ledmilitants, alsobacked by tribal fighters,seizedIraq's second-largest city Mosulon June 10 and captured a number of other cities in the north, including Tikrit and Tal Afar.

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