Hundreds of Ezidis arrive in Turkish tent city
Midyat refugee camp is set to accept thousands of Ezidis after the completion of medical check-ups

Hundreds of Ezidis who fled the conflict in Iraq arrived Sunday in a refugee camp in southeastern Turkey, officials said.

The tent city in the Midyat district of Turkey's southeastern province of Mardin received as many as 1,750 Ezidis, who will be accepted into the camp after the completion of health check-ups, district governor Oguzhan Bingol said.

"All kinds of opportunities and social activities are being provided for Ezidis at this camp in order to ensure that they take shelter in a comfortable setting," Bingol said.

An onslaught by Islamic State fighters on the traditional Ezidi town of Sinjar and surrounding villages near Mosul city forced thousands of Ezidis from their homes.

According to Iraq’s human rights minister, Mohammed Shia al-Sudani, the IS killed hundreds of Ezidis and buried some alive, including women and children.

As well as those massacred by the militants, many died of thirst and starvation before a rescue operation was launched.

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