HK police clear small protest site; Admiralty remains
Police early Friday morning used chainsaws to break up Mong Kok site barriers, mostly made of wooden pallets.

Hundreds of police have cleared barriers from one of Occupy's main sites in a dawn operation, and traffic is now flowing at the major intersection.

In a 35-minute operation, Police early Friday used chainsaws to break up barriers surrounding the site, mostly made of wooden pallets.

Pro-democracy protesters had occupied the intersection of Nathan Road and Argyle Street in Mong Kok for almost three weeks. But now they continue to occupy just the southbound lane of one of the roads of the intersection.

Police reiterated in a statement Friday that they did not carry out a "clearance operation" and people "who illegally occupied the roads still have sufficient space to express their views."

They said they had set up a "designated public activity area" on the pavement on Nathan Road to facilitate protesters and appealed to those still occupying traffic lanes to leave as soon as possible and make use of the area to express their opinions "so that public order and the traffic threat can be" resolved.

The clearance followed similar police action at other protest sites in recent days.

Protesters, numbering around 30, put up little resistance. Mong Kok has been the scene of scuffles between protesters and opposition groups during the almost three weeks of rallies.

Protesters said Friday they would regroup and consider their next step. They still occupy the main Admiralty site, although in dwindling numbers.

The statement added that police will continue to take actions to clear barriers in traffic lanes in other districts at the "appropriate time."

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