Foreign ministers of the Arab League come together
Certain Arab countries have reservations about recognizing new Syrian opposition establishment: Sabra


The head of Syrian National Council (SNC) George Sabra on Monday said that certain Arab countries had reservations about recognizing the new Syrian opposition establishment.
Foreign ministers of the Arab League came together in an extraordinary meeting on Monday to discuss a resolution to recognize the new Syrian opposition entity as the only legitimate representative of the Syrian people, to seek ways to garner support for Palestine's demand to join the UN as an observer state and discuss an explosion in a Sudanese military factory.
Speaking to the Anadolu Agency (AA), SNC's head George Sabra stated that tonight's meeting would display the countries with reservations to recognize the Syrian National Coalition for Opposition and Revolutionary Forces.
"Secretary General of the Arab League extended support to the new Syrian opposition entity. However, a decision in the Arab League will not be shaped by the Arab League Secretary General," Sabra noted.

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