February 17 Revolution was a great public uprising
Speaking at a joint press conference with Libyan President in Ankara,Gul stressed Libya became a free country. thanks to February 17 Revolution.


''Our dear brethren are re-building Libya," Gul underlined.
"President el-Magariaf is visiting Turkey with members of the Libyan cabinet and deputies. This visit is a great indication that the brotherhood between Turkey and Libya has been reactivated," he said.
"El-Magariaf's visit to Turkey is one of his first trips overseas," Gul said.
"Turkish-Libyan relations are very old. We have a history of 500 years. We pay high attention to our economic relations with Libya. Our trade volume with Libya has reached around 2.5 billion USD," Gul stated.
"Solidarity and cooperation with Libya will continue in the strongest way possible," Gul said.
"The moon and star on our flags are the nicest symbols of the affection the peoples of Turkey and Libya feel for each other," Gul also said.

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