Erdogan: G20 can turn crisis into an opportunity
'Western world has turned a cold shoulder to migrants... It is humanity that is drowning in the Mediterranean,' President Erdogan tells G20 in Ankara

Westerners who have converted the world's most ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean into a refugee cemetery are now denying their core values, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told the G20 in the capital Ankara on Thursday.

"The Western world has turned a cold shoulder to human criteria in regard to migrants. The values that make us human are drowning in the Mediterranean. It is humanity that is drowning in the Mediterranean; those responsible show no remorse or regret," Erdogan saıd.

In his address, Erdogan also pointed out that the global security system did not work.

"The United Nations has turned into a structure which does not look at any problems except those of the five permanent members,” he said.

He highlighted Turkey’s role in providing shelter to refugees. "We accept all refugees. We do not look at ethnic background or level of education. We in Turkey have an open door," he said.

"We are human, and as we are human, we have to approach them with the same love we have for all humans," he added.

He noted that Turkey’s open door policy was not reflected in European countries.

"Some European countries classify immigrants according to qualifications, but that is not humane,” Erdogan said, adding: "I call on whole globe to be responsible and the global media should be responsible."

In his address, Erdogan also called on G20 countries to turn the global financial crises into opportunities.

"G20 can turn crisis into an opportunity," he said.

Increasing inequality since the financial crisis must be addressed, particularly that for women, he said.

"Elimination of youth unemployment is also a priority of the G20, with the goal of decreasing it by 15 percent,” Erdogan said, adding: "We have set up G20 agenda to address this employment issue."

The president also highlighted that Turkey was a successful example of integration with global economy and other emerging economies should follow a similar path.

He also asked the G20 countries to cooperate more to eliminate terrorism. "I invite the whole world to be sensitive and cooperate in the fight against terrorism," he said.

Turkey took over the G20 presidency on Dec. 1, 2014.

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