Egyptians vote in favor of new constitution in first round of referendum
According to unofficial results, Egyptians voted in favor of the new constitution during the first round of voting of the referendum.


Sources told AA that 56.5 percent of voters (4.5 million) said 'yes', while 43.5 percent (3.5 million) said 'no' to the new constitution.

The first round of voting in the referendum took place in 6,376 polling centers in Cairo, Alexandria and eight other provinces.

Participation rate in the referendum was 38 percent. 8.1 million of 25.8 million voters cast their votes in the polling.

Egyptian military spokesman Ahmed Mohammed Ali told AA that there was no security problem during the voting.

On the other hand, a crowded group of people attacked the headquarters of Liberal Vefd Party in Cairo, set some parts of the building on fire, while damaging nearby vehicles. Security forces intervened in the group by tear gas.

Second round of voting will take place on December 22.

Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood have campaigned heavily in favour of the constitution, while opponents say it is poorly drafted.

Clashes between the two groups killed at least seven people and injured hundreds more last week.

The draft constitution, approved by the constituent assembly last month, has become the focus of Egypt's worst political crisis since the June election of Mohamed Morsi, the president.

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