Death toll in Hama rises to 267
Death toll in Hama after Syrian military operations continues to rise.


Death toll in Hama after Syrian military operations continues to rise.

The Syrian General Revolutionary Council said on Friday that security forces were conducting operations with heavy weapons in Tireymse quarter of Hama and that at least 267 people were killed.
The Council announced that many Syrians, including women and children, lost their lives in Tireymse after their throats were slashed or after getting hung.
There were people burned to death in Tireymse, the Council said.
Families are searching for their loved ones in agricultural fields and along the River Asi, the Council stressed.
"The village has been surrounded by security forces. All telephone and electric lines have been cut off," the Council stated.
There are more than 300 wounded individuals and there is urgent need for medical assistance, the Council underlined.
More than 150 corpses were brought to the village mosque, the Council stated.
-"They were killed while trying to escape from village"-
Musab Hamadi, an activist, said that the Syrian people were trying to escape from the village where military were targeting.
A massacre took place in Tireymse after the Syrian government conducted air operations to support surrounding troops, Hamadi noted.
"The villagers found many corpses around the village and in agricultural fields. People in Tireymse are scared and are trying to collect the corpses in a center," Hamadi noted.
"We have learned that at least 267 people were killed in the village. Most of the people died while trying to escape and when security forces sprayed bullets on them," Hamadi stressed.

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