Being a Woman!

Fri 28, December 2012 Kategori Columnist

We were watching a programme lately. We are quite crowded. Civil Constitution was being debated. The speaker is a woman... Constitutional proffesor. I looked over in a man sovereignity community. Mashallah, the programme was being watched and listedened in a great interest. For the speaker talking in the best and reasonable way was this proffessor.

 As the woman proffessor completed her speech, it didn't take too much time to get the reaction I expected. The word is exactly this :

"She is just a woman but she speaks reasonable.”

"I'm sorry! It is probably not understood, a woman proffessor!”

The man expressing them is a man having much general knowledge that noone can look down on.
The male viewers watching the female professor with this point of view from start to end, thankfully, gave right to her. To be honest they condescended.

Unfortunately the situation is this! This is the view point. "She isjust a woman” in the conclusion. Altought she becomes a professor luckily, this cannot avoid the fact that she is a female.
Upon this point of view, as a person dealing out this kind of approaches, now I respond them with a smile on my face. Since there is nothing to be done. This is an expanding and intricate topic. This is the most suitable topic to be exploit and expand. The matter stars with feminism(one of the trends nonesense to me) and ends with Hz Aishe. One says something and the others says different, the important speeches of the important people blow all around, the matter is consolidated with the religion but the end will be constant. The society seems as they understand but one summarizes nothing is understood with that simple sentence: "She is just a woman” in the conclusion.

In fact the matter I want to assert is different, this is a prelude for that.
I will mention about two women actually. Both of them are in full view, they are both debated, talked about and criticised. Even I wrote an article about one of them and putting an emphasiss on these debates are also means insulting women at the same time, said that: "Woman is by nature a mindful creature.”
Because the things being debated are the choices of her free will. How should I know, her clothing, position or make up.

Several speeches were given evolving out of Hayrünnisa Gül and the style of her scarf. Then I say pardon me but she is a mature woman and self educated, will you decide how she will put on?
It is the same for Emine Erdoğan. Ultimately her clothing and make up when she went to Myanmar is a matter of criticism. What I mention about Hayrünnisa Gül is applicable for her. She is a mature and has a capacity of what is true more than many people. Even if it is wrong, this is her choice. It is none of our business.
Lack of confidence is point at issue even if a woman is at the cutting edge of her position probabbly because " being just a woman”. I don't understand that the most qualified men thinh they have the right to criticise with the thought that everything is beyond her ken.

However these two women do some other stuff except from their types of clothing. But we don't talk about them. They are just women ultimately. What can they achive at the most? For instance, Hayrünnisa Gül is work with heart and soul to make society gain the habit of reading. It is not important for us to hear of it. Her scarf style is more important... Or Emine Erdoğan cried for the mass murder in Arakan, and warned and criticised the organisations as United Nations as they don't do their task properly. This is not important, too. The real matter is this whether she went to Arakan with her elegant clothes or not. This is the actual matter!
What am I talking? Nothing. We are just women in the end!

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