Afghan killed by Taliban attack on NATO convoy in Kabul
An Afghan passer-by killed in sixth Taliban attack in Kabul since formation of new Afghan government.

Suicide attacks targeting security personnel have killed at least three people inAfghanistanon Monday, according to officials.

Anattack on an Afghan National Army vehiclein front of a health clinicin the eastern province of Nangaharkilled two people and wounded six others, according topolice spokesman Hazrat Hussain Mashriqiwal.

It followed an earlier attack that killed an Afghan passer-by in Kabul, when a suicide bomberdetonated a car full of explosives near a convoy of foreign soldiers, according todeputy interior minister Mohammad Ayob Salangi.

Sergeant Ahamd Zubair, one of the police officers responding to the explosion in Kabul, said at least two Americantrainers and their Afghan driver were injured. He said anotherAfghandied of his injuries in hospital.

TheNATO-ledInternational Security Assistance Force confirmed the attack, sayingthere are no reports of any of its troops being killed.

The Taliban's purported spokesmanZabihullah Mujahid claimed responsibility for theKabulattack, saying the attacktargeted "invader forces" anddamagedthree vehicles.

It was the sixthsuicide attack inKabulsince a new government was formed on September29. The other attacks targetedAfghan national security forces rather than foreign troops.

In a similar incident, three Afghan national army soldiers and three civilians were killed in a suicide car bomb attack on army convoy in Wardak province, 60 kilometers southeast ofKabulon Sunday.


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