30 detained in counterfeit drug operations
Security forces detained 30 individuals and seized 300,000 boxes of counterfeit drugs on Monday in anti-drug operations in İstanbul's Bayrampaşa district.

The İstanbul Police Department's anti-smuggling and organized crime unit carried out the simultaneous operations at 40 separate locations, from which they seized 300,000 boxes of counterfeit drugs valued at TL 600,000. Two hundred police officers took part in the operations and detained 30 people, who are believed to have put counterfeit drugs on the market.

Police also discovered machines and other equipment used in the production pharmaceuticals in the operations.

According to statistics provided by the Anatolia news agency, the global counterfeit pharmaceuticals market is an industry worth about $10 billion a year, accounting for approximately 14 percent of the total pharmaceuticals market. Although the actual production of fake pharmaceuticals in Turkey is said to be in its infancy, the country has been identified as a major global distribution hub for these drugs.

(Cihan/Today's Zaman) CİHAN
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