220,000 new Turkish ID cards distributed in pilot phase of project
The Interior Ministry, which is conducting a campaign to ensure that there are no citizens without Turkish ID cards, has distributed 222,000 ID cards in Bolu in the first phase of the project, which started on May 16.

The new cards are valid for 10 years, made of polycarbonates and carry microchips in line with international standards. The new cards also include the user's fingerprints -- biometric information -- as a security measure against ID fraud.

The Interior Ministry plans to renew all ID cards, starting in 2013. They expect to complete the renewal of ID cards around the entire country within three to four years of starting the process of issuing the new cards.

The new cards, which have many high-security measures, were developed to prevent identity fraud and falsification of documents, in addition to ridding citizens of the bureaucratic burden of needing various other documents at public agencies. With the new cards, no other documents will be necessary. The card will also be used to enable individuals to benefit from services offered by Turkey's online e-state program. The new ID cards will also be used as "travel documents," which are sometimes issued by Turkish missions abroad to persons who lose their passports and do not want to get a new one until they return to Turkey or in more serious situations where a country has seized a Turkish citizen's passport. The new ID cards will also be used as e-signatures during online dealings such as banking, insurance or social security transactions. (Cihan/Todays Zaman) CİHAN
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