13 terrorists killed in major anti-PKK operation
The terrorist Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) was dealt a major blow on Tuesday in operations conducted by special forces teams and command units of the Adana Gendarmerie Regional Command that have been ongoing for a month.

Thirteen terrorists were killed in operations carried out in the Amanos Mountains, encompassing territories in Hatay and Osmaniye. Six terrorists were captured on Tuesday and four Kalashnikov rifles, seven M-16 rifles, five RPG-7 rocket launchers, 12 hand grenades, C-4 explosives and a detonator, handheld transceivers, binoculars and chemicals used in making explosives as well as a large cache of supplies were seized on Tuesday.

As the operations in Adana continue, in Şırnak, in the Southeast, there were raids on 34 PKK shelters that were discovered in the region. Sixty kilograms of explosives, eight sacks of medical supplies, narcotic drugs and stockpiles of food and beverages as well as a large number of clothing articles were seized during these operations. The shelters were spotted by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) patrolling the skies above Şırnak. Air forces jets also assisted with the ground operations, bombing a large number of terrorist targets.

Similar operations were conducted in Diyarbakır, in the rural parts of which the PKK is known to be preparing for the winter. Helicopters from the Diyarbakır 7th Army Command deployed troops to the Hani, Lice and Kulp regions to assist the operations already in place in the region. Helicopters opened fire from above, reports from the region said.

(Cihan/Today's Zaman) CİHAN
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