11 killed in Nigerian military barracks church attack
Nigerian officials say that 11 people were killed, after a suicide bomb attack, targeting a church inside a military barracks in the northern state of Kaduna.

According to military sources two vehicles were allowed access to the secure military premises in Jaji, which resulted in the deaths, leaving dozens more wounded.

Thus far it is not known who was responsible for the attack; however authorities believe that the radical group, Boko Haram, are responsible.

The militant group has a long track-record of targeting churches and government installations in the north of Nigeria, killings hundreds of people in the process.

Reports indicate that one of the vehicles was a bus, which entered the barracks and slammed into the church wall before exploding. Minutes later, a car parked outside the church exploded.

The state of Kaduna is situated along the dividing-geographic line in Nigeria, which separates the country from its Muslim dominated north and Christian majority south.

Boko Haram, who name literally translates as, "Western education in forbidden", was founded in 2002 and has carried out a series of killings and attacks in the countries northern and central regions since 2009.

The group has been battling government forces in the country, with the aim of imposing their own interpretation of Sharia Law across the country.

The group has attacked churches, schools, government building, police stations, rival Mosques and public areas killing thousands of people in the process.

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