Turkey's top national security body discusses counter-terrorism efforts
MGK discussed latest developments in Syria and Iraq.


Turkey's National Security Council (MGK), country's top security body, discussed counter-terrorism efforts as well as latest developments in Syria and Iraq.

In a statement after a monthly meeting in the Turkish capital, Ankara, the council said it had re-affirmed that PKK terrorism still posed a threat against national unity and security, adding that the council also assessed current and future counter-terrorism measures.
The council also expressed concern over the ongoing crisis in Syria, underlining that efforts by Turkey and the international community should continue to find a peaceful settlement to the problem.
The council emphasized humanitarian dimension of the Syria crisis, saying that it had discussed Turkey's efforts to meet needs of nearly 150,000 Syrians who had taken shelter in camps in Turkey.
The council also discussed relations between Turkey and Egypt, underlining Egypt's development in stability and democracy was of great importance for the region.
The council also discussed latest developments in Iraq, expressing concern over rising tensions between opposition forces in the country.

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