Turkey respects borders of its neighboring countries
Turkish Foreign Minister said that Turkey showed respect to borders of its neighboring countries.


Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said Turkey showed respect to borders of its neighboring countries.
But we don't have any borders when people, who are victims of cruelty, knock on our doors, added Davutoglu who spoke at the first meeting of Syrian Turkmen Platform in Istanbul on Saturday.
Noting that there had been a big struggle in Syria in the past 20 months, Davutoglu said that Syrians as well as Turkmens living in Syria had been fighting for peace.
Turkey, from the beginning, supported the struggle of Syrian people, said Davutoglu, adding that Turkey pursued an open door policy for the Syrian people who were asking to cross in Turkey.
Davutoglu recalled that UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon visited Syrian camps in Turkey last week and said that they were grateful to Turkey because they had never seen such a refugee policy before.

Turkey's Syria policy is clear

Davutoglu also stressed Turkey's Syria policy was clear.
The basis of our zero problem with neighboring countries was zero problem with the peoples of the neighboring countries, not with the cruels, added Davutoglu.
Davutoglu said that the number of Syrian refugees staying in camps in Turkey was almost 150,000, and the number of Syrians staying in cities was almost 50,000.
Davutoglu noted that Turkey supported justice without making any strategic plans.

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