Turkey calls on international community to fulfill obligation to Palestine
Davutoglu said recognition of Palestinian statehood is obligation for international community.


Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said they called on the international community to honor their already belated obligation to the Palestinians and grant them the status of a "non-member state”.
Davutoglu delivered a speech at the UN General Assembly on the Question of Palestine.
"Today, we are talking about a whole history of this national tragedy continuing for more than 65 years," he said.
"The reality about Palestine is simple, yet an harsh one. It is on the streets of Gaza where thousands of people live through an inhumane blockade in an open prison," he said.
Davutoglu said that he was pleased to participate in this historical meeting at the General Assembly.
"We have gathered here for correcting a historical injustice against the Palestinian people," he said.
Davutoglu said, "For that future we should all together have to stand behind the Palestinian bid to become a non-member observer state. This is a moment of truth for all of us. We are all aware that, the right of the Palestinians to a State has been unfortunately denied for decades."
"We cannot shy away from supporting a fully legitimate demand by the Palestinian people to have a state of their own," he said.
Davutoglu said, "If we are to talk about an international order and place our trust on the UN system, then the Palestinian flag should rise by this building. That flag will not only represent an independent member state among our family of nations."
"Our vision for justice, international order and human rights will not be achieved until the moment we actually see the flag of the State of Palestine standing side by side with ours, as a full member of the United Nations", he said.
"We regret to see that there have been efforts to deter the Palestinians in their bid at the UN and efforts to dissuade the UN members," he said.
Davutoglu said that in this episode, they often heard "now was not the right time".
"If not now, when will be the right time for the Palestinians to achieve their right to statehood?" he said.
"The recognition of Palestinian statehood is not an option but a moral, political, strategic and legal obligation for the international community," he said.
"I call on all UN members to fulfill their long overdue responsibility towards the Palestinians," he added.

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