Suspensions data in Turkish state institutions
A total of 45,954 civil servants have been suspended so far amid a nationwide probe into the July 15 coup attempt.

According to the data compiled by Anadolu Agency, the suspensions were carried out in a number of public institutions, including the prime ministry, Housing Development Administration (TOKI) and Turkey Statistical Institute (TUIK) along with several ministries.

The list of the state institutions and the number of employees suspended from their duties for allegedly having links to the failed coup are as follows:

Ministry of Development: 82 suspended

Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology: 560 suspended

Ministry of Economy: 15 suspended

Turkey Statistical Institute: 21 suspended

Information and Communication Technologies Authority: 170 suspended, 58 dismissed

Ministry of Family and Social Policies: 599 suspended

General Directorate of State Airports Authority: 139 suspended

Tobacco and Alcohol Regulatory Authority: 8 suspended

Housing Development Administration: 22 suspended

TURKSAT (communications satellite operator): 29 service contracts cancelled

Under secretariat of the Treasury: 62 suspended including two director generals, one deputy director general and five department heads

Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication: 529 suspended

Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs: 197 suspended

Ministry of National Education: 42,767 suspended including 21,738 administrative staff and 21,029 teachers

Ministry of Defense: 262 judges and prosecutors suspended

Ministry of Environment and Urbanization: 70 suspended including 58 staff of General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre.

Ankara University: 4 lecturers suspended

Bulent Ecevit University: 20 lecturers and 11 administrative staff suspended

Turkish Radio and Television Association (TRT): 300 suspended

Supreme Board of Radio and Television (RTUK): 29 suspended
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