Scottish independence effects on football still debated
Scottish tennis player Murray and cyclist Hoy take precautionary approach to referendum whilst football managers Alex Ferguson and David Moyes support a 'no' vote

Athletes and those involved in Scottish sports continue to debate the effects on the sporting world if the majority of Scots vote 'Yes' in the upcoming Scottish independence referendum on 18th September.

If Scotland votes for independence in the referendum on Thursday, negotiations betweenScotland and England will continue until March of 2016 ahead of the biggest test of Scottish sports - the 2016 Summer Olympics to be held in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro.

The issue of Scotland sending 55 athletes to Great Britain's team during 2012 London Olympics brought up a debate as to whether Scottish athletes should take part in the upcoming Rio Olympics as part of Great Britain's team or participate under the International Olympic Committee's (IOC) flag.

Worldwide elite athletes from Scotland, Andy Murray and Chris Hoy take a precautionary approach to the referendum whilst football managers Alex Ferguson and David Moyes supports a "No" vote to Scottish independence.

27-year-old tennis player, Murray spoke to the English press and said, "I'm ready to play for an independent Scotland" but also said in a speech in the Times newspaper that "I'm proud to be Scottish and British as well, these are not contrasting things."

Edinburgh born 38-year-old cyclist, Sir Chris Hoy who won six gold Olympic medals, is also impartial before the referendum. He expressed that many Scottish athletes who live in England and make use of the facilities there are still uncertain about Scottish independence.

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The administration of the U.K's and Scotland's Football leagues may not be affected if Scotland declares independence from the U.K. since both UEFA and FIFA already recognize Scotland as a separate entity in sports.

The referendum will not impact Scottish football teams, Celtic and Rangers who will regardless continue to play under the Scottish Premier League having had their application to participate in the English Premier League rejected in 2009. BBC Sports reported on the issue then, "Premier League rejects Old Firm," read the headline when EPL (English Premier League) refused Celtic and Rangers' request to play in the U.K.'s premium league.

Scotland have qualified for World Cup finals eight times in their history, and most recently played in the 1998 FIFA World Cup held in France while they played twice in the UEFA European Championships so far.

Former Manchester United managers, Sir Alex Ferguson and his successor David Moyes support the 'No' campaign. Ferguson pointed out that there are 800,000 Scots living and working in Great Britain's other regions like him and they don't feel like they are in a foreign country.

On 18 September the Scottish nation will make a decision. If Scots vote for independence, London and Edinburgh will negotiate on the division of assets and Scotland will then officially leave the United Kingdom on 24 March 2016.

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