SA deputy foreign minister in India for Indian Ocean Rim summit
South Africa’s Deputy International Relations and Cooperation Minister, Ebrahim I. Ebrahim, has arrived in India for an official state visit.

The deputy minister is expected to attend Friday’s high level Indian Ocean Rim Association Cooperation (IOR-ARC) meeting.

According to the Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DRICO), Deputy Minister Ebrahim met with India’s external affairs minister, Salman Khurshid, on the sidelines of the IOR-ARC Summit.

The summit meeting marks the 12th Meeting of the Council of Minister, with South Africa, a founding member, recognizing the body’s strategic and important role of the countries in the Indian Ocean Rim.

IOR-ARC members include countries such as India; Australia; Indonesia; Iran; Kenya; Madagascar; Malaysia; Mauritius; Mozambique; Oman; Seychelles; Singapore; South Africa; Sri-Lanka; Tanzania; Thailand; United Arab Emirates; Yemen; China; Egypt; France; Japan and the United Kingdom.

IOR-ARC member states include some of the key developmental and economic powers in the world, which champion economic growth in their regions.

The Indian Ocean Trade Route Optimization is the third largest in the world, covering some 20% of the planets water surface, with a coastline of 66 526 kilometres.

These figures provide an important geographic advantage and benefit to member states, with a massive trade advantage.
South Africa’s delegation to the IOR-ARC Summit in India is being led by Deputy Minister Ibrahim, who is accompanied by officials from DIRCO, the department of transport and the department of tourism, respectfully.
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