Russia calls on Syrian opposition to appoint "a negotiator"
Lavrov said Syrian opposition must determine a negotiator.


Russia called on Syrian opposition to appoint "a negotiator".
Speaking to reporters in Paris where he arrived to attend the 10th meeting of the Russian-French Security Cooperation Council, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov argued that there was no single person who could talk on behalf of the whole Syrian opposition.
In order to facilitate an atmosphere of dialogue, the Syrian opposition must determine a negotiator, Lavrov stressed.
International players must encourage all sides in Syria for dialogue, Lavrov indicated.
"If our main aim is to end violence in Syria, then all countries must tell the groups they influence to end enmity at the same time. However, if the main aim is to overthrow the Assad regime, then bloodshed in Syria would continue," Lavrov stated.
"Russia works with all opposition groups in Syria. The Syrians must decide themselves on their fate," Lavrov also said.

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