Released Turkish journalist returned to Turkey
Journalist Unal returns to Turkey after being released from a Syrian prison.


Turkish journalist Cuneyt Unal, who was released after being kept in a prison in Syria for months, returned to Turkey on Sunday.
Unal, accompanied by Republican People's Party (CHP) deputies, entered Turkey via Yayladagi Customs Gate.
"I am pleased to be in my country. I am very excited and very happy. I don't know what to say at the moment," Unal told reporters.

I had been in a two square-meter area for 90 days

Unal said he had been in a two square-meter area for 90 days.

"Every time I opened my eyes, I saw a cold wall. Every time I closed my eyes, there was the feeling of the cold wall on my face," Unal told.

Noting that he did not speak at the prison for 90 days and he stayed alone in the prison, Unal said that thus, there could be some defects in his speaking.
Unal said that he was very happy to be home and see his wife, and then he hugged his wife Nuran and cried for a while.
Unal thanked deputies of Republican People's Party (CHP) who exerted efforts for his release.
Unal also said that he was behaved well and was not imposed any violence.

Unal had gone missing in Aleppo on August 21.

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