NATO's Patriot decision affirms solidarity of the Alliance
Turkish Foreign Ministry said decision to deploy Patriot air-defense missiles in Turkey had affirmed solidarity and unity of Alliance.


"Within the framework of the Council decision, all Allies have voiced their grave concern regarding the situation along NATO's southeastern border, and declared their determination to deter threats towards, and to defend, our country. They have also reiterated their commitment to the security of NATO, and their full solidarity and resolve to protect the Allied populations and territories," the ministry said in a press release.

The ministry said "the measures to be taken are in no way offensive. These measures are defensive and aim to augment our national air defence [...] These defensive measures have nothing to do with the establishment of a no-fly-zone."
"The locations in which these assets will be deployed are determined in light of the necessary military-technical analysis.
"Turkey will continue the initiatives she has been undertaking with a view to solve the Syrian crisis through peaceful ways, with the same resolve as before," the ministry said.

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