Kerry vows anti IS coalition to broaden and deepen
US Secretary of State pays short visit to Baghdad to reiterate international support for Iraq's new government against Islamic State threat.

United States Secretary of State John Kerry promised that the regional and international coalition formed against the self-proclaimed Islamic State militants will continue to broaden and deepen in the upcoming days.

Kerry held talks with Iraq's newly-appointed Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and new Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jafari to voice support for the new central government in their fight against the threat posed by the Islamic State, IS, militant group.

In a press conference after his meeting in the Iraqi capital Baghdad, he said "The coalition..., I assure you, will continue to grow and deepen in the days ahead, including at the UN General Assembly in New York later this month."

Kerry said around 40 other countries along with the U.S. are already contributing military, humanitarian and other assistance to aid the international campaign against the Islamic State.

He maintained that the strategy President Barack Obama will lay out on the wider region is broad-based and comprehensive, not just limited with air bombardment or direct military assistance.

The U.S. top diplomat stressed that the strategy will also include efforts to strengthen Iraqi security forces on the ground.

"It will be comprehensive with Iraqi forces on the ground in Iraq with an army that will be reconstituted and trained and worked," he said.

U.S. forces have conducted more than 100 strikes on IS targets in Iraq and the Obama administration has sent more than 1,000 military personnel to protect American facilities and to advise Iraqi and Kurdish forces on the ground.

Washington has been in search of a broad international coalition to deal with the IS threat as Obama ruled out American boots on the ground from the very beginning of the IS upsurge in Iraq.

The new Iraqi government was officially formed after it received a vote of confidence in the Iraqi parliament on Monday. The new government, which includes Sunni, Kurdish and Shiites deputies, was approved by a vote of 177 - 280.

Armed groups linked to the IS militants have captured large amounts of territory in Iraq in recent months, forcing thousands of Iraqis including Turkmen, Arabs and Ezidis to flee.

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