Fight against ISIL oil needs to be global says Kurdish energy minister
Kurdish region’s natural resources minister Ashti Hawrami said they need intelligence from international community to cope with ISIL illegal oil income.

Seven people were arrested near Kirkuk in northern Iraq in connection with the transportation of four tankers of oil extracted by ISIL in the fields it controls in the south of Iraq, said the Kurdish Regional Government's (KRG) natural resources minister during a World Economic Forum meeting in Istanbul on Monday.

Speaking at the meeting entitled "Unlocking Resources for Regional Development" at the Hilton Hotel in Istanbul; Ashti Hawrami said, "Yesterday KRG ministry of interrior told me that four tankers filled with oil, extracted by ISIL from the fields it controls in Iraq's south, were trying to enter into Kurdish region. Seven people were arrested and investigations are ongoing."

Hawrami, called on KRG's neighbors and the international community to share intelligence, and said, "Then they will see how we deal with smuggling."

ISIL's oil income should be cut off via determined and coordinated efforts of international community, said Hawrami.

Hawrami stated the situation in Iraq with regard to ISIL terrorism is getting calmer as Kurdish armed forces-peshmerga has taken control thanks to the efforts of international community.

After U.S. forces withdrew from Iraq in 2011, Iraqi army was not fully mature, it became a sectarian army- only serving one part of the community against the other said Hawrami.

Referring to Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan's regional approach on struggle with ISIL, Hawrami said, he agrees with Erdogan that military terrorism doesn't have borders and a regional strategy is needed to struggle with ISIL.

Hawrami said, air strikes by U.S. led coalition are effective but cooperation among the international community is needed.

"Peshmerga and Iraqi army are ready for it, and Turkey plays a very crucial role for this cooperation."

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