'Too little known' on early birth
Experts warn more research is needed to find out how to reduce the number of babies born early.

Call for global crackdown on fake medicines
A global treaty to crack down on the deadly trade of fake medicines is urgently needed, say experts.

Hormones in menstrual cycle 'affect asthma'
A woman's menstrual cycle affects the severity of respiratory symptoms, potentially worsening conditions such as asthma, a study suggests.

Heartbeat 'could power pacemaker'
A device which could harness energy from a beating heart can produce enough electricity to keep a pacemaker running, according to US researchers.

Gene therapy: Glybera approved by European Commission
A treatment which corrects errors in a person's genetic code has been approved for commercial use in Europe for the first time.

Stem cell op may 'restore sperm'
Boys left infertile by childhood cancer treatment may one day be able to produce healthy sperm by using stored stem cells, monkey research suggests.

Cheap colour test picks up HIV
A cheap test which could detect even low levels of viruses and some cancers has been developed by UK researchers.

Faecal transplant' clue to treating gut bug
The gut infection Clostridium difficile can be defeated by a cocktail of rival good bacteria, experiments in mice show.

After Swine Flu, It's Dengue Scare in India's Bhobal
The irony of Bhopal does not seem to end soon as after Swine Flu, Dengue has attacked the city. Ten out of fifteen cases of Dengue in Madhya Pradesh is from Bhopal.