Guinea, Sierra Leone aim to be Ebola-free by mid-2015
Ebola has killed 8,429 people, mostly in West Africa, in recent months

Kenya thanks Egypt for anti-cancer support
Egypt offered to train 50 Kenyan professionals on treating cancer among children

Toxic liquor kills 31 in India
More than 100 people have been hospitalized and many have lost their eyesight.

Public relieved after Liberia halts Ebola cremations
The cremation practice is alien to Liberian culture and tradition

S. Leoneans fined for handshakes, hiding Ebola patients
The virus has claimed a total of 2,943 lives in Sierra Leone alone

Infections in Cambodian HIV outbreak rise to 212
Unlicensed doctor who treated many of those infected awaiting murder trial for using dirty needles

2 Ebola vaccines ready to be tested
The UN health agency says 2 Ebola vaccines will be tested in 3 West African countries

Killing of Belgian murderer who sought euthanasia halted
Doctors withdraw from administering lethal injection to Frank Van Den Bleeken.

Sierra Leoneans abandoned over Ebola fears
The deadly virus has killed 2,758 people in Sierra Leone