Turkey: Parliament to convene on June 23
Newly-elected MPs will gather at the general assembly of the parliament on June 23

Turkey: Parliament expected to convene by June 24
Republican People's Party (CHP)'s freshly-elected Deniz Baykal will preside over the assembly until another speaker is elected to the parliament

Turkey: MHP leader rules out being coalition partner
Nationalist Movement Party leader Bahceli says ready to be main opposition in three-way coalition sans MHP

Germany calls on Israel to ease Gaza blockade
FM Steinmeier visits Gaza Strip, calls for opening of borders in exchange for an end to rocket attacks.

Germany, France object to EU's plan for migrants
Germany and France would have to take in nearly 40 percent of migrants among EU state under European Commission's plan

US Senate approves Iran nuclear review bill
Bill would prevent President Barack Obama from waiving congressional sanctions against Iran.

Angelina Jolie slams UN Security Council inaction on Syria
UN 'has powers to address these threats to international peace and security – but those powers lie unused,' says actress.

Italy arrests 18 suspects for plotting Pakistan attacks
Italian police believe the suspects were involved in 2009 bomb attack in Pakistani city of Peshawar, which killed over 100 people.

European Parliament terms 1915 events 'genocide'
European Parliament has adopted a resolution that recognizes the 1915 events affecting Armenians as "genocide."