Philippines: Ruling returns favorite to presidential race
Supreme court overturns decision to exclude Grace Poe from May 9 election on grounds she was not a natural-born citizen

EU against 'Kurdish separatist agenda': Mogherini
EU opposes formation of Kurdish separatist state whether in Turkey, Iraq or Syria, bloc's foreign policy chief says

UK: Cameron dismisses 'desperate' Daesh video
British PM slams footage showing 'despicable and ghastly' execution of five alleged spies

Japan approves record defense budget amid sea tensions
$42 billion defense budget passed amid tensions with China over regional waters, after passage of security bills to expand scope of troops' operations overseas

Britain to ease stance on Assad's removal
UK prime minister suggests Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's departure could be negotiated to end civil war

Jeremy Corbyn seizes UK opposition leadership
Britain's Labour Party elects veteran left-wing lawmaker as leader

UN Security Council greenlights Syria chemical probe
15-member body approves formation of investigative panel to attribute blame for toxic attacks in Syria

Turkey extends mandate for military ops in Iraq, Syria
The mandate -- extended for another year -- authorizes armed forces to carry out military operations against "terrorist treats" in Syria and Iraq.

Turkey: Deadline to form coalition government ends
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan can now use his power to call for early elections in Turkey