Latin America
Spain: Muslim women battle headscarf discrimination
'For me, the headscarf is religious. The Quran obliges women to cover their head,' says one headscarf activist

US military will not share intel with Russia: general
Joseph Dunford tells senators he does not 'believe it would be a good idea to share intelligence with the Russians'

US insists SDF withdrawing to east of Euphrates
US insists SDF withdrawing to east of Euphrates Pentagon says units US works with have kept commitments of crossing to the east Euphrates but PYD/PKK elements remain

Rousseff: Brazil trial a pretext for a 'coup'
Brazilian president reiterates she did nothing illegal

Venezuelan top court upholds sentence for opp. leader
Defense lawyers to make appeal to UN

US allies jailed in Turkey coup roundup: general
Central Command chief says post-coup purge might effect Turkey-US military cooperation

Germany urges UK to swiftly leave EU
FM Steinmeier says appointment of Johnson as foreign secretary is clear signal towards Brexit

Motive of gunman unclear in German shooting
Police trying to identify gunman at movie theater complex

NATO chief calls for 'strong UK in strong Europe'
Stoltenberg warns against 'unpredictable security environment' if Britain decides to leave EU post historic vote Thursday