Middle East
Senior PKK terrorist group figure killed in Syria
According to Syrian group Tel Hamis, car of Fehman Huseyin, also known as 'Bahoz Erdal', has been blown up

Daesh bombing kills 151 in Iraqi capital
Daesh claims responsibility for car bombing, which also leaves at least 185 injured

11 Daesh terrorists killed in northern Syria operation
Turkish army howitzers and multiple rocket launchers destroy 21 Daesh targets in the operation, says the army

Gaza aid ship ready to depart
Aid ship "Lady Leyla" is expected to reach Israeli port of Ashdod within 30 hours

Assad air force 'criminal enterprise,' US envoy says
'So long as this is going on it's a petri dish for extremist organizations' Brett McGurk tells lawmakers

Turkey-Israel rapprochement good for Gaza: Netanyahu
Normalized ties between Ankara, Tel Aviv will improve blockaded Gaza's humanitarian situation, Israeli PM asserts

Palestinians warn Israel over Jerusalem 'excavations'
Israeli authorities carrying out secret excavations under East Jerusalem's Al-Asqa Mosque compound, Haaretz reports

Regime, Russian warplanes kill 39 in Syria's Idlib
Syrian regime and Russian warplanes have intensified attacks on opposition-held areas since late April

Over 130 Jewish settlers storm Al-Aqsa Mosque complex
'Jewish settlers tried to perform Talmudic rituals near the Al-Qibali mosque,' says Al-Aqsa Affairs director-general