Middle East
Kashmir arrests 'show India's impatience at protests'
Senior police official says detention of senior independence figures is sign of crackdown

After liberation tensions could flare up in Mosul
Lack of a unified vision over how to manage security and political affairs in the city liberation could spell trouble

Syria regime, Daesh carried out chemical attacks
Joint UN, OPCW report determines use of mustard gas, chlorine in Syria

PYD makes gains in northeastern Syrian city
PYD is reported to have taken control of ninety percent of Hasakah

Security precautions at Turkish-Syrian border
Military sources refute news reports claiming FETO coup attempt affected security at Syrian border

Syria regime blamed for '136 chemical attacks'
Rights group says around 88 people have been killed in chemical attacks in Syria since 2013

Refugee center shelled in Iraq's Saladin; 12 killed
Artillery shells fired from Saladin's Daesh-held Al-Shirqat district, local police source tells Anadolu Agency

Palestinians protest Israeli aim to demolish school
Israeli PM ordered to close and demolish school in Khan al-Ahmar, Bedouin village on outskirts of occupied East Jerusalem

6 killed in multiple attacks in Baghdad
Sniper, bomb blasts target residential neighborhood, market place, police checkpoint