Middle East
Egypt court upholds asset freeze in NGOs trial
The case dates back to 2011 when Egyptian authorities accused 43 Egyptian and foreign activists of receiving foreign funds

Syrian Kurds wage hunger strike to decry PYD violations
Members of Syria's Kurdish National Council declare hunger strike in solidarity with colleagues held by PYD terrorist group

Settlements no obstacle to peace: Israel's Netanyahu
Israeli PM accuses Palestinian leadership of seeking to establish 'state without Jews'

Twin car bombing kills 16 at Iraqi shopping mall
Attack in Baghdad on weekend before Muslim feast

'65,000 Gazans' still displaced since Israel's 2014 war
Main reasons obstructing reconstruction in Gaza Strip are lack of finance and materials due to blockade imposed by Israel

Terrorist PYD/PKK misusing US flag in northern Syria
The flags send a false signal that US forces are present, so as to deter attacks, say Syrian opposition sources

Israel granting fewer permits to leave blockaded Gaza
Israeli permission to leave Gaza Strip is becoming much harder to come by, according to aid workers, activists

Daesh spokesman killed in Syria
Abu Mohammed al-Adnani killed in clash around Aleppo, Daesh news agency says

Free Syrian Army frees villages around Jarabulus
Fighters liberate villages occupied by terrorists