Middle East
Regime, Russian warplanes strike Aleppo, killing 86
City's Al-Ansari, Al-Sokkari, Tariq al-Bab, Al-Shear districts pounded by airstrikes, killing and injuring scores

Hamas organizes march in support of 'Al-Quds Intifada'
Gaza-based resistance group voices support for one-year-old 'Jerusalem Uprising' against Israeli occupation

UN: 40 truckfuls of food aid for Syrians set to spoil
40 aid trucks are languishing at the Turkish-Syrian border, and the food will expire on Monday, warns UN advisor

Second rocket from Syria hits southern Turkey
2 people injured by 2nd rocket hitting Kilis, while number of wounded rises to 7 in 1st rocket attack Thursday

Abbas, Netanyahu differ on UN resolutions on Israel
Abbas calls for enforcement of UN resolutions on Israeli occupation; Israeli leader slams world body

Refugee arrivals in Mediterranean surpass 300,000
2016 expected to be deadliest year for refugees on record in the Mediterranean Sea, UNHCR warns

Hollande chastises Security Council over Syria
French president pleads at UN for action on deathly conflict in war-torn country

Free Syrian Army clears Daesh from two areas
Turkish military says 75 Daesh targets also hit by artillery fire

Iraq: 500 refugee families return to Fallujah
According to the UN, more than 3.4 million people are now internally displaced in Iraq