Daesh faces oil revenue losses
US-led coalition forces' airstrikes and Iraq's and Turkey's border security keep Daesh from selling oil, a recent report said

Brazil inflation at the highest since 2005
Feyenoord fans' ransacking of the Italian capital's cultural assets amounts to $5.7 million, local media reports.

Security comes first in Turkey's first nuclear plant
Turkey's Akkuyu nuclear power plant will have more thorough security conditions than its reference, Novovoronej nuclear plant

Kurdish solution process, a credit positive for Turkey
The economic growth generated from a successful resolution of the conflict between Turkey and Kurdish separatists will help the government's finances, say experts

EBRD to begin investing in Greece
Greek government requested recipient status in 2014

Greece must make reforms in exchange for cash: Dijisselbloem
Eurogroup head warns Greece that no emergency funds will be made available if Greece does not implement economic reforms

Turkish lira slips further against strong dollar
Increasing dollar strength against all emerging market currencies is pressuring the lira, analysts say

Hong Kong reveals post-protest boost for business
Budget contains fund for firms affected by last year's pro-democracy demonstrations

EU Commission agrees to Greek reform proposals
EU approval means eurogroup finance ministers likely to announce approval in conference Tuesday