Daily performance of shares on Borsa Istanbul
Top 10 shares in terms of value gained and lost on a daily basis Monday, Jan. 4, 2016

Kenya: Bitcoin flourishes, despite central bank's disapproval
Central bank refuses to make bitcoin legal tender, but Kenyans like bitcoin for cheap international money transfers

Indian prime minister arrives in Silicon Valley
First Indian PM to visit US West coast since 1982

Malaysia: 1MDB scandal, Fed fears affecting Ringgit
Central Bank governor says poor performance of Malaysian currency due to lack of Fed interest rates hike and domestic political scandal

US: Russian moves indicates its building air base in Syria
Pentagon says flow of Russian miltary equipment into Syria is likely for air operating base

EU support for 240,000 Syrian refugees in Turkey
17.5 million euro grant for schooling, food as EU helps shoulder burden

Oil prices see biggest daily gain since 2009
Crude jumps 10 percent in one day on US GDP growth, China stock market recovery

Stocks fall, but no danger of crisis, economists say
Markets lose 10 percent within one week, but risk of downturn is 'misplaced', economists say

Global stocks in rout on Asian crisis fears
Two soldiers martyred in suspected Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) attack