Cameroon's 'Boko Halal'
'Prophet Muhammad simply said that we [Muslims] should seek knowledge, even if we have to travel to China'.

Families worried about British medics allegedly in Syria
Nine British medical students and doctors feared to have crossed into Syria through Turkey over a week ago

Gazans seek cosmetic surgery for Israel fire scars
'I am very satisfied with the first operation's results,'

At close, 82% of Nigerians have collected voter cards
Nigerians to elect new president and parliament March 28.

Daesh video purportedly shows execution of 3 Kurdish fighters
A video released Friday shows Daesh militants slaughtering three Kurdish peshmerga hostages in what they said was a response to peshmerga and U.S.-led airstrikes against Daesh strongholds.

The daunting task of educating Afghanistan
Private universities are cropping up to meet the increasing Afghan hunger for university education

Hadi's Aden palace evacuated after Houthi strike
"President Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi and his aides have been evacuated from the palace after it was struck by a warplane," the official told The Anadolu Agency on condition of anonymity.

Bangladesh: Concern grows over missing opposition leader
Salahuddin Ahmed, joint-secretary of the opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party, has been missing for a week since his alleged arrest by police.

You are either Charlie or terrorist: French cartoonist
French cartoonist Zeon has defended his drawings as not anti-Semitic, but anti-Zionist, terming anti-Semitism in France "a concept made up by Zionists."