Afghanistan: Surge of Daesh, Taliban violence planned?
Afghan analysts increasingly suggest surge of violence near borders with Central Asian states is work of foreign powers.

EU condemns execution of Bangladeshi politician
The EU spokeswoman has said the bloc condemns the use of capital punishment and in this respect condemns the execution of Jamaat-e-Islami party's senior leader

Air raid on Aleppo school kills 10, says Syrian Civil Defence
Four teachers among victims of attack after 'vacuum bomb' dropped on school in Aleppo.

Poor turnout as polls open in Sudan
In the densely-populated Haj Youssef district in eastern Khartoum, only seven voters showed up to cast their ballots

Washington seeking phased out approach to Iran sanctions
White House says Washington 'will insist upon' the gradual lifting of restrictions.

US lawmaker urges Turkey-Armenia reconciliation
Republican congressman wants Obama to form committee to reconcile Turkish-Armenian relations.

Yemen: 50 years of war
Yemen has been in the throes of war since a revolution in 1962

At least 54 dead after Russian fishing vessel sinks
Authorities say 63 out of 132 people on board rescued; search operation underway for remaining victims.

Journalists sue US police for 'false arrest, battery'
Lawsuit alleges freedoms of speech, press violated while covering protests in Ferguson.